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Waterloo Road Church originally started as a Victorian "Ragged School" in 1846. A lady living by the canal in Uxbridge taught poor children in her own home. This included "Sunday School". 


This transferred to a building of its own in 1864. The building is still there and is now a private residence. About this time the local "parish" (Uxbridge Moor) started to take over responsibility for education but the 'Sunday School', which now included the teaching of adults, remained and became known as 'Waterloo Road Mission'.


The work declined towards the end of the 19th Century but was given a boost in 1903 when St Margaret's Church took an interest in it and appointed a Superintendent to the 'Mission'. This was a local businessman named Milton Hutchings who led the Church until his death in 1940. Milton Hutchings was the owner of Hutchings Nurseries on Pield Heath Road near Hillingdon Hospital.


A new building was opened in 1932 (the central part of the present one). The building was extended in 1967 to include what we now call the rear hall and some changes at the front. A further small rear extension was built in 2001. 

church front 3.jpg

Although there had been part-time paid pastoral workers in the past, we called our first full-time Pastor, Colin Holmes, in 1996, the same year as the 150th anniversary celebrations.


Following Colin moving onto Epsom Baptist Church in December 2003 we called Peter Lillystone to be our pastor who joined in September 2004 and led the church for 10 years.

In 2012 the church building underwent a major refurbishment to the front to open up the church and help us reach out to our local community.

The Church became affiliated to the FIEC in 1962 and changed its name from Waterloo Road Mission to Waterloo Road Free Church, and later just Waterloo Road Church. Until 1980, the Church was run by an 'Executive Committee' when we changed to Elders and Deacons. 

In 2014 Peter was called to become pastor at Cotessey Baptist Chapel and, in February 2015, we called Michael Dingwall as our new Pastor.

During 2015 to 2019 the church undertook further building work to modernise the kitchen and facilities. 

Following 6 years as pastor, Michael moved back to Scotland in 2021 and, in November 2021, we welcomed David Dargue as our new pastor. 

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