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exploring the Christian faith

Interested in finding out more? We'd love to explore questions you have with you.  We run a couple of different courses throughout the year, and there's always someone available to meet up to discuss further.

christianity explored

You might be a convinced atheist, a Christian, or somewhere in between. Perhaps you've got lots of questions to ask? Or perhaps you are happy just listening.


Maybe you go to church or maybe you have never been. Whoever you are, Christianity Explored is a place to explore what life is all about. 


It's free, relaxed, and informal. Each week you'll look at the life of Jesus. There is a short talk and a chance to chat, ask any questions and explore with others. 

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hope explored

Few emotions are more powerful than hope. But today hope feels so hard to come by and evaporates fast.


Where can we find a hope that won’t disappoint us?

This is a 3 week course, with videos and discussion, with the opportunity to talk and ask questions in a small group, with a cup of tea. 


Contact us via the link below and we'll be in touch with the latest course information.

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