Waterloo Road Church is a busy and active church. 

Children & Young People

There are a large number of activities that happen during the week and the weekend for Children and Young People.


Waterloo Road Church has a long history of welcoming students particularly from Brunel University.

The church is a 15 minute walk from Brunel University.

Drop In

Every Wednesday 


FF is a group aimed at those aged over 55. Each Friday FF meets at the church at 2pm to share in a time of praise and learning about God.

Periodically the group goes out for trips, and have a number of lunches through the year.


All attendees of Waterloo Road Church are encouraged to go along to a housegroup during the week. These are smaller groups that meet to study the Bible, disciple each other and to pray. These meet each week at the following times:

  • Tuesday 7.30pm - Uxbridge 

  • Wednesday 8pm - Uxbridge 

  • Thursday 9.30am - Uxbridge 

  • Thursday 8pm - Ickenham

  • Thursday 8.15pm - Ickenham

Contact us if you would like more details

Pastoral Support

The church has a pastoral network where we pray for and look out for each other. The housegroups are at the centre of this network but our pastor also heads up a pastoral team.