Pray 2020: We need to Plead

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Whilst thinking about the state of our nation the other day, a song, which I first learned over 25 years ago, popped into my head. It’s called “Whose lips will plead” and I’ve included it below. For those who have access to Songs of Fellowship 1-6 it’s number 1119. It serves as a good reminder (if we need it) that so many people are dying without knowing or making peace with God through Jesus Christ. As God’s people we have a task unfinished which requires us to hold the real sense of urgency, to engage in (and even initiate) bold and compassionate conversations, to show practical love and, in everything, to offer up much prayer …not just for this land but for all nations!


Whose lips will plead

For the people of this land?

Who’ll stand in the gap,

And who’ll build up the wall,

Before the long day of God’s patience is over,

Before the night comes

When His judgement will fall?

And whose eyes will weep

For the people of this land?

And whose hearts will break,

For the hearts made of stone;

For those who are walking out into darkness,

Away from God’s love,

Without Christ, so alone?

And whose ears can hear

What the Spirit is saying

To those who are willing

To watch and to pray?

Pray on till Gods light

Fills the skies over this land,

The light of revival that brings a new day.

Alex Muir

Copyright 1993 Thankyou Music

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